It takes a lot to do this little podcast… and I am so appreciative to the people that offered advice to me and other great podcasters that provided valuable information. Time to pay that forward.

Below is a list of some of the tools and companies I use to provide this podcast to you. Currently, I an affiliate for Bluehost… so if you are getting hosting through them by clicking on the link it helps to support the show. I used them and all the other companies on this page even if I wasn’t affiliate… I just like them!


Bluehost – The site I host through. Great and FAST service.
LibSyn – Media Hosting… Because you have to hear the podcast from SOMEWHERE!


TextExpander – I LOVE this little app. It is great for making quick shortcuts to frequently typed information. Well worth it!
GarageBand – Comes on the Mac and extremely easy to use. Currently, all podcasts have been recorded and edited through this.
Rode Microphones – I use the Rode Podcaster USB connected mic. Not bad huh?


Support the Live Life Loudly Podcast

Amazon – Face it… we ALL use Amazon. I am personally addicted to the Prime services because I just don’t like waiting for things to get to me for more than a couple of days. IF you click on this link, it will help to support the show with any purchases that you make through their site. The cost DOES NOT CHANGE for you. You pay the same price, some rates for shipping etc… the difference is that Amazon gives me credit for the purchases and that supports the show.

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