Episode 82: It’s not you… I promise

by Jason on May 2, 2017

in Podcast

The Live Life Loudly podcast, as it is today, will air the last episode at the end of May. I have absolutely LOVED doing the show every single week and can say that even with some of the stress I put myself under to try and get shows out on time each week.

I first had the idea about really doing the podcast in 2016 after listening to so many amazing shows that helped me. In my heart, I knew that my story could help others. The idea was ALWAYS to be able to help one person and it would all be worth it. It would be worth the time, money and everything else that goes into producing a show weekly. I accomplished that. I did help some people and I am so absolutely grateful for that.

“Why end the show if I loved doing it?”

To focus on myself. As much as I have loved doing the show… I noticed that my own life was going through a valley that was not being addressed and I didn’t feel that I was focusing on what was the most important thing in my world… ME. I realized I was going through the motions of doing things but not putting my heart into it like I should be or did in the past. I also looked at the engagement on the FB page, the website and ultimately the download numbers for the show. Some months the downloads were phenomenal… other months they were scary low. When I looked at the engagement on the website it was 99% spam and sales pitches. Engagement on the FB page was non-existent. The show was not gaining traction and I saw so many other great shows offering the same, if not better, content out there.

Shows like Order of Man, School of Greatness, Art of Charm etc… all offer amazing insight that I can’t recommend enough. I invite and highly suggest you check them out if you would like.

“So what happens now?”

Well, for the next few weeks I will be churning out the remaining content and re-recording content I wanted to do differently until the end of May. The website will remain live until December 24th of this year and all the shows will be archived on iTunes until… well… I have no idea how long those will stay there. I could do 4 shows… 14 shows… no clue how many episodes I will churn out as I get a wild idea in my head over the next few weeks.

“Will the show ever come back?”

Short answer… Maybe. Not like it is now though.

Longer answer… Part of the idea behind Live Life Loudly is to live the best life you can live. Something I have not been doing to my full potential. As I continue to evolve and grow, I may see the potential to talk about my adventures and progress through story telling… Nothing it set in stone. I would love to talk about my time training for a Spartan race, traveling to Japan, finishing my Bucket List…. Things that actually show I am accomplishing my goal of living my life to its fullest potential. So could the show come back centered around talking about that? Very possible.

“What about helping others?”

Yes. I will continue to help others in any way I can. I’ve had people ask me to coach them… but I have not felt ready to do that yet. It is something I can see in the future if the value I give to others is there.

To every SINGLE person I interviewed, helped, or that downloaded the show, subscribed and gave me support. THANK YOU from the absolute bottom of my heart. I love you all so much!
Live Life Loudly!!
Be good to yourself and be good to others!!

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