Affiliate Disclaimer

Hey everyone!!!

I just want to put this out there as FULL DISCLOSURE. Some of the resources, books and information linked on this site are a part of affiliate programs.

What in the WORLD does that mean?

Well, I make recommendations and link them up on the site. If you happen to click on that link AND buy the product or service, I make a small commission on it that goes towards supporting the podcast.

“Jason, I REFUSE to pay more for something just because you linked it!”

I COMPLETELY agree! None of the pricing changes based on if you do or do not purchase through the link. I even tested it out a few times JUST to be sure. I WOULD NEVER recommend something that actually costs you more just because I could get a commission on it. I’m kinda awesome like that.

Everything I do for the Live Life Loudly podcast, and every other thing I do in life, is to help others and provide as much benefit to others lives as I can. If you see it linked on here, there is probably a reason for it.

If you have ANY questions, PLEASE do not hesitate to contact me.


Live Life Loudly!!

Be good to yourself and be good to others!!

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