About L3

My name is Jason Reaves.
I don’t have any fancy degrees, I don’t know everything in the world and I am certainly never going to claim I am always right.

This podcast started after a very scary time in my own life. I lost my parents, I lost my job, I was losing money in a business I loved doing, I was spiraling out of control and it nearly killed me!

I started listening to podcasts like The School of Greatness, Art of Charm and Risk Without Regret and I was learning so much from each of them…and they are ALL FREE!! I started making changes in the course my life was taking and I started helping others that I saw in the same places I was just months earlier. I decided to start the podcast because I can talk… I can talk a TON! I like to think I have a pretty good grasp of common sense and if I even help ONE PERSON through my own journey… THIS IS ALL WORTH IT! We are all on a journey from our first breath to our last. We have the ability and responsibility to LEARN and improve ourselves every single day. That is what the Live Life Loudly podcast is all about. I want to help everyone have the best life possible!

I hope you enjoy the show!

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